>How Evan was Maimed

>So a couple of days ago, Evan was being Evan. He was throwing a tantrum over homework. Silly homework that would’ve taken him all of 5 minutes to complete. And he threw a stack of dvd’s in the midst of it. I threw them back, telling him to put them away. And one hit the edge of the entertainment center and bounced and hit his left cheek. I felt horrible and cried more than he did, I think.
As if that wasn’t bad enough…
John had gone out to warm up the car for our trip out to run some errands, and Evan followed him. I heard John tell him not to run, since there are still patches of snow and ice in random spots on our driveway. The next thing I know, John is bringing Ev’s DS in, saying it’s over. What’s over? The DS, apparently. I’m thinking Evan did or said somethig horrible and John meant he was confiscating it for good. In hindsight, I should’ve known better: Evan was still supposed to be grounded from it anyway, so how he had it in the first place is beyond me. But nope, John meant it’s gone. Broken. He had it all of 6 weeks. But that isn’t the worst.
Evan was running when he dropped the DS on the concrete. And he slid on ice. And went down. Hard. Bringing the casualty count up to one DS, one coat, one complete school uniform. I was pretty upset. If he would’ve been listening in the first place, none of it would have happened.
So I go to work and come home. And then I see it: Ev’s little elbow and knee are banged up so badly from his fall that I don’t know how it is that he managed to not cry to alert us that he was hurt. I mean, he’s not a toddler and is fully able to verbalize this to us! And me! How could I fail to check him out thoroughly after the fall???
Plus, where the dvd hit his face, he had a fricken shiner. Seriously. Poor kid.
So the black eye, the road rash on his knee and elbow, the bruise under the road rash where his bone hit the ground, the broken DS…Poor Evan. I won’t say “I told you so”.
In the meantime, he’s going to school in the morning and other people are going to see this. I swear, people, we don’t beat our kid. Though it is quite possible that we should. Just Kidding. I think.


2 thoughts on “>How Evan was Maimed

  1. >Oh I SO hear this. Its like your heart breaks for being so frustrated with them, but you NEED to be frustrated with them to correct the behavior. I think he was sucking up the pain because he knew he was wrong. Which, if you think about it, shows that he is a pretty great kid.

  2. >He IS a great kid! (When he isn't driving me crazy, that is!) He knows what he is doing wrong before he even does it, which adds to the aggravation. Then acts surprised when thee re cosquences. Surely I NEVER did this to my mother! Ha!

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