>My First Time

>My first Bloggy award. Yayayayayayayay. Thanks to SarcasmInAction for thinking of Lil’ Ol’ Me! If you haven’t yet, check her out. She cracketh me up! So I’m new to this award thingy, but I think I now have to tell you 7 things about myself. I assume it’s 7 things I haven’t mentioned yet, so here goes:

1. I played classical flute for 12 years. Which makes me a band geek, I think. Instead I tried to shrug this off and categorize myself as one of the uber-cool ones who was a Serious Musician. Ha! I actually majored in music during my first drunken go-round at college. Then my mother died, I dropped out of school, and since she was my biggest fan, I eventually stopped playing. Every couple of years or so, John tries to get me to buy a flute and rekindle that part of my past. I never have…

2. I am such a nerd that I think one of my favorite smells has to be new text books. Just don’t ask. I lead a sad, sad existence.

3. I have 36 pairs of work shoes, I swear. WTF, you ask? Well it goes like this: I’m a fatty, and I work hellacious hours on my feet. On concrete. Running to-and-fro to codes and emergencies and impending patient disasters. And my poor fat feet scream in pain at the end of my shift. As a result, I am always, always in the market for the miracle shoe that will reverse the force of gravity and make my feet not hurt. I don’t think there is such a shoe. The closest I have found was a high-end pair of Asics running shoes. I had worked twelve 12-hr. shifts in a row and my feet hurt so bad that I went to Dick’s and told the sales guy that I really didn’t give 2 craps about look or price. And when I tried them on, they felt so good that I embarrassed John by actually tearing up. They were $190. And the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. And that next night at work, they got splashed with puke during a suction-canister misshap in the middle of a code. Sigh…

4. I’ve never had a glass of wine. Everyone talks about wine, and I want to be cool like that, but wine kind of scares me. I mean, have you ever shopped for a bottle when you know nothing about it? The vast selection and type and etiquette surrounding it…Gah! I want to try it. I want to be the cool, hip chick who returns from work to a nice glass, but there are some problems with this. A) I return from work at 7AM. To have a glass of wine then seems like borderline-alcoholism. B) I don’t have wine glasses. My Curious-George husband breaks everything that isn’t plastic or doesn’t bounce when it hits the floor. How pathetic would it be to drink wine from a plastic cup???

5. I have no social life. Seriously. Before I had Zach, I went back and forth to work and school. The little time had in-between was reserved solely for my family. Now I work like crazy and am getting ready to go back to school in the aftermath of the Pregnancy from Hell. This Sunday, I’m going to a baby shower for a coworker and it will mark the first occasion where I will actually leave the house without my entire family. Although I’m taking Zachy, so I don’t even know if this counts…

6. There are a few songs that can reduce me to a blubbering, sobbing mess right now. Amazing by Janelle, Wires by Athlete, and Miracle by Celine Dion. I discovered this the other day becaue they are on my mp3 player. I didn’t put them there, but it automatically syncs when it is plugged into the computer to charge. So as I’m going to work the other day, one of them started playing and I started crying so hard that I had to pull the car over and let it pass. And there’s a story there. When I was enduring my 5 months of bedrest with Zachy, and I was having 30+ contractions an hour and just trying to hang on, I would search preemie videos on Youtube daily. A baby at 30 wks, 31 wks, 32 wks, and on and on, to encourage myself. To show myself what I was fighting to avoid and also to show myself that if it got to the point where I couldn’t go any longer, that Zach would be okay in the long run because those babies were. And almost without fail, those were the songs in all of the videos. And when I hear them, I can simultaneously feel those damned contractions and see Zach’s face. They got me through a pregnancy, but it is all still too raw to revisit.

7. I have OCD when it comes to the appearance of my offspring. I’m a little more laid-back with Zach. When Ev was a baby, I would literally match his pacifier to his receiving blanket to his outfit. And if he would spit up and the outfit had to be changed? The whole ensemble was switched out. The problem with this was that Evan had the reflux of a preemie and would spew like a fricken fountain. I’m not this crazy with Zach. Zach is clean and well-dressed. You will never see him out of the house in a Onesie (Onesies are underwear for babies!) or a sleeper (Do YOU wear footed pj’s to the mall????), but other than that, I’ve turned the crazy down a few notches.

So there are my seven. My neuroses wrapped up just for you. Now I have to bestow upon 5 fellow Bloggy peeps this same honor.


Mama Ferris at Not Your Average Ferris Wheel . Why? Because she’s awesome.And she helped get me through some of my darkest days. And her babe is adorable. And her husband is uber-talented.

Quincy at Learn to Enjoy. Because she is the coolest young woman and the world is her oyster.

Mary at The Gift of Fat. Funny, funny woman that she is…

And Jenny at I’m A Coach’s Wife. Her thoughts make me laugh and remind me that I am somewhat normal because she has them too. Maybe.

Amanda at It’s Blogworthy. Because she’s also funny as hell. And also has a Cutey McCutester baby.

Run with it, Ladies.


4 thoughts on “>My First Time

  1. >Yay! Thanks for the award! But, now what?! haha I'm new to this whole blogging thing… I don't know the proper "etiquette." ?!?

  2. >Thank you Thank you thank you! I am definately playing!I need you on my blogroll, but blogger is being a pita. Yeah — it's bloggers fault. Heh.I'm enjoying back-stalking you!

  3. >Sorry Jenny. You have to menton 7 random things about yourself, then pass it on to 5 other bloggers. I've kept up w/ your blog, so I understand if you don't have the time. I won't be offended.B–take your time!Mary- Thanks for the shoutout on your blog! Can't wait to read the new post. I just got to skim through a second ago.

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