>I Cried

>Most people want their children to be exceptional in all areas. The best at athletics, the smartest, the best speller, the best looking. And then sometimes, with some parents, normal is beautiful. Average is the goal. After having two late-preemies, I soooooo can relate to that. Zach in particular, because Ev just did everything way too early.

I had already blogged about being concerned about Zach’s development. And then yesterday, my angel of a baby boy did something that would make me feel tons better. He sat. And I mean sat. No faceplanting, no flying backwards. He sat. And he turned from the waist and looked at me when I gasped and started to cry. And he reached for a toy John was holding. And he did all of this without falling or even swaying in the slightest. (I got a pic, but techno difficulties have prevented me from posting it just yet)And then yesterday, while half-crawling, half-scooting around the living room, he reached up for the seat of his swing and pulled himself about 2/3rds of the way up so he was pretty-much kneeling there.

We’ll all be okay.


3 thoughts on “>I Cried

  1. >hooray for sitting up & pulling himself up! of course you'll all be okay! : ) Congrats on the award, too. i like your sharing choices.

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