>Blogging About Blogging

>Hmmmmm. When I started this blog, I did so without a thought about who would follow it or leave comments. I didn’t expect to become famous on the web. I did it mainly for myself. My little online journal. But then I got sort of enthralled with all things bloggy and I started to nervously venture out of my little box and into the rest of the Blog World. In other words, I started reading others’ blogs and realized something: I really do suck. Oh well. Last I heard, there are no Pulitzers awarded for blogging anyway, and again, it is just for me. It just seems that all of the other bloggers are so much better at it than me. I mean, there is some really good writing going on out there. Witty and clever. Amusing. Entertaining. On all sorts of topics. And blogs with thousands of followers (how does one do that, anyway?). That’ll never be me, but oh well. I’ll continue to crawl along in the Blog World, reading into the lives of others and feeling sort of voyeuristic and creepy. But it is just so fun. So in honor of my suckiness, here are some people who most definitely do not suck. As a matter of fact, these are the blogs that make me feel sucky in their greatness. If you’re reading this, stop by and have a look. (In no particular order…)

Not Your Average Ferris Wheel
B and I go back to our pregnancy days, when we were both on bedrest and communicated though our pregnancy blogs. I love keeping up with her and her little guy, and feel like I know them without having ever met them. And if you wanna see some seriously cute baby pictures, she’s your girl.

Daydream Believer
Jaime gained her Bloggy Fame when Blogger made her a Blog of Note. That’s how I stumbled across her blog. She’s hilarious. Take a look.

It’s Blogworthy
Stop by and see Amanda and her adorable new son. She always makes me LOL.

Learn To Enjoy
This girl amazes me with her insights. And then I discovered how young she is. And I felt really old. But also amazed.

The Gift of Fat
Mary also makes me laugh. And reminds me that there are indeed other people out there who think just like I do…

Loose Leaf Writing
This blog proves that there are others out there way smarter than I am (I know, shocking, right?). Posts are always thought-provoking and interesting.

I’m a Coach’s Wife
Again, someone else who reminds me that my thoughts may be completely normal.


6 thoughts on “>Blogging About Blogging

  1. >I feel so honored! πŸ™‚ And yes, I'm just a baby. But you don't suck on any level! Reading your blog is always such a comfort to me. But I know exactly what you mean by all of this. I'm going to celebrate for 50 followers (Ha!) How do people get in the thousands??

  2. >I have no idea Quincy! But I find your thoughts so impressive and inspiring, especially at your age, that I had to mention you. I hope you will continue to blog because I am sure the world has awesome things in store for you!

  3. >Well thank you! I really do appreciate it πŸ™‚ I definitely plan on continuing–some days it's my only breath of sanity.

  4. >Aww, I like reading your blog, so you definitely do not suck! I like the fact that you're real & you share about your real feelings and daily life. Thank you!! : )

  5. >Thank you for the shout out. You must give yourself credit, you have a well written, funny, clever, and intelligent blog. When you update your blog, I get giddie at the thought of being able to read another post, and enjoy every sentence you write.

  6. >Hi, thanks for the shout out!! I'm going to admit it– I thought I was going to get famous and rich if I started a blog. Then, amazingly, I found something almost as good as being rich and famous, and that's meeting a ton of amazing, kind and funny people just like me, all across the world. Totally worth it πŸ™‚ Glad to find your blog!

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