>Fun With Food


Here lately, Zach has been waking at 6 AM or so, ready to eat. I love it because then it is just the 2 of us. I feed him breakfast, working on his solid food menu, then we do the “let’s get dressed for our day” routine. Of course my cuddly Chubster wakes in a smiley mood, so we have fun.

Yesterday, since he has shown such an interest in our eating and drinking, I decided it was a good time to introduce him to the sippy cup. And we tried rice cereal again. He actually ate the cereal, making me wonder if our misadventures in solids started before Zach was all-the-way ready. Over the past couple of days, Zach has started to love his food, though it takes him a few bites to warm up to it. Still, all of his food is organic and pureed here in my kitchen after cooking in nothing more than purified water. The only thing I buy ready-made is bananas, simply because they turn that yucky color and I can’t seem to get them to the proper consistency. But I also made sure the only ingredient in the brand I buy is water and bananas.
Do I see any difference? Well, yes. When I finally caved and bought some bananas, I saw the price of baby food for the first time in 9 years. About 50 cents per serving. Not bad, but to put it into real numbers, I prepared 36 servings of sweet potatoes for him just the other day for the grand total of 2 bucks. And I know exactly what he’s eating. Plus, by this point with Evan, he had already been to a dermatologist for eczema and hypersensitivity issues. We don’t have any of that with Zach, despite the poor baby’s genetic predisposition. I have to think the breastmilk and wholesome food are to be credited.

Zachy teething on the sippy cup’s spout.


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