>7 Months,Almost

>Tomorrow night, I start a very long work week and don’t know when I will be able to post anything. But on Monday, Zachy will be 7 months old. So where are we?

Well, he’s teething. He has been, sort of, before now. Now he really is. Drooling. Gnawing on his fingers, my fingers, any type of cloth he can get into his mouth. Today he was taking the little Avent teether and rubbing it against his gums so vigorously that it was making little squeaking sounds. Here he is with those yummy fingers!

He’s still short. 23 1/4 inches long. The walker, Baby Einstein jumpy thing, the Johnny Jump-Up…these are just a few of the activity/entertainer thingies I have bought or borrowed that do not allow his feet to touch the floor. We finally found something though: Bright Starts’ Around-We-Go entertainer. Santa brought it for him, but it’s too large to wrap and so it is assembled and put to use. He loves it, we love it, and his feet touch the floor. Here he is in it, with the seat turned around so he can see us.

I don’t think he’ll ever crawl! I don’t think he has any interest in it, to tell the truth. He will get up on all fours, rock a bit, then topple over on his side. Instead of trying again, he just rolls and scoots to wherever he wants to go. He got pretty quick with it, too. In the blink of an eye, he is all the way across the room. I’m betting he will be one of those babies who never crawl and go straight to walking.

He’s still the happiest, easiest baby in the world. I keep waiting for him to hit a fussy spell and it never happens. The teething thing is getting to him a bit, so I know he’s human, but not even that is very bad. Here he is letting us know his gums hurt.

He loves ‘nanas and peaches. I have yet to find a veggie he will eat without spraying me with it by blowing raspberries. Peas and sweet potatoes both gagged him. Cereal is still a gigantic no-no. He hates it! And yes, I’m still making his food. He still gets about 5 bottles of breastmilk a day, and a bottle or two of formula a day. I cannot believe I’ve kept it up this long. 5 more months until I reach my goal of 1 year!

The beloved bouncy seat is on the verge of retirement. He keeps trying to sit up in it. Well, not really trying–he actually does unless one of us is sitting there actively bouncing him in it. The result is that he will kind of flip out of it, dangling by the safety straps which scares me.

After Christmas, I am going to buy his big-boy carseat. ( After Christmas because A: the one I want is pretty expensive and Christmas has wiped me out, and B: I asked for BRU giftcards from Santa, and if I get them, they will help me cover the expense.) He is now 19 pounds and the weight of the infant carseat with him in it is getting to be too much. It would have been fine if we would’ve left him in the original one (Graco SnugRide) that came with our travel system , but we upgraded when he was 3 or 4 months old to the one that accomodates babies up to 35 pounds (SnugRide 35) in the same pattern, and it weighs a ton. Of course this gets me all excited! I can get rid of the bulky travel system stroller and replace it with a lighter one, then we can just use it or the Ergo when we go out. My trunk will thank us! And for the first time since May, I be able to fit both groceries and the stroller in the car at the same time. Of course this prolongs the dreaded transition to minivan I was afraid we would have to make. I am so not ready for the minivan phase of my life.

He babbles and it is so cute. Ba-ba-ba. Da-da-da, Ga-ga-ga! I love listening to it. What do I not like hearing? The scream he has mastered and uses whenever he gets pissed!

Last week, we had to take him for his first ever sick-child appointment. He was wheezing all day last Sunday.I noticed it would improve, but each time he would spit up, it would start again. He hardly ever spits up, but that day, he got his usual diet in reverse: only 2 bottles of breastmilk and 5 bottles of formula. I had underestimated and froze too much the day before. And he spit up a ton that day. The culprit, we think, is reflux. Breastmilk is just gentler on his tummy, so we ever noticed it before. Reflux is pretty common in preemies, so I’m not alarmed. The doc was going to put him on nebulizer treatments, but I insisted on an inhaler with a masked spacer. Because I’m a RT, he gave in. We’ve only used it once since then.

I guess that’s all I have to report. More at 8 months!


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