>Him, in a Song


Did you know I was a music major in a past life? Yep, I played classical flute for 16 years until my mother died and I just couldn’t anymore. But I still have this deep-seated love for music. And I think my favorite thing about it is the memories it evokes of the people who have come and gone from our lives, and the ones who come and never go.

Tomorrow morning is my John’s 36th Birthday. Actually, Thanksgiving starts the whirlwind for us: Thanksgiving, John’s birthday (sometimes one in the same), Christmas Eve (our anniversary), Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day (my birthday), all in a row.

This is Our Time. I always get nostalgic and sappy and sentimental as the calendar pages turn from November to December. This year is no exception. And I know why, though it has taken me years to figure this all out–John. My angel and devil, my super power and my kryptonite. My biggest fan and my reason for doing a large amount of what I do. The one who showed me that there is such a thing as permanent love. Even during the loudest rage of one of our arguments, there is no place I would rather be.

So, in order to satisfy my urge for sentimentality and also to honor the very beginning of John’s 36th year on earth, here are a few songs that make me smile and think of the other half of my soul. Happy Birthday, JohnJohn.


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