>Laughter and More

>So the topic has come up recently at work about how it is that I can justify supporting my family alone. Again, it came up. I think the actual words were, “I can’t believe John doesn’t work.”


My mother raised 7 children and never worked outside of the home. For several years, before I went back to finish my degree, I was a stay-at-home mom to Evan. I wouldn’t say that either of us didn’t work. Because being a homemaker, if done correctly, is the hardest job out there. No one says this of women who choose to stay home. But John’s a man, so it must be different? Why?

So yes, I work and John stays home. It probably won’t always be this way. It is just the arrangement that works for us right now, and my ownership of a vajayjay doesn’t make me above or below being the breadwinner. Honestly, my earning potential is about 4 times that of John right now, and so it just makes financial sense that I should be the one working. And quite honestly, even if he did work, the cost of daycare for Zach would negate his earnings. So why would we do that when I can honestly replace his potential income with one extra shift per week and no daycare expense?

So what is it that John does????? Well, he is excellent with the kids. He cooks the majority of our meals. He does all of the laundry. He tries to keep the house. (I say “tries” because I don’t think anyone could keep it to my standards but me–I am that OCD about it!)

What else? Well…

He knows te extact brand and absorbency of tampons I use and has no qualms about buying them. He knows the brand of shampoo I use, the exact shade and brand of my makeup, and more. And in his manliness, he is still not afraid to traipse into the store at the mall and get the goods for me while I’m working.

I don’t have to ask for a thing. If I say I’m thirsty, he immediately gets up and brings me a drink. If I’m cold, a blanket. If I’m hungry, a snack. As a matter of fact,if I don’t want him to do any of those things, I have to be careful not to think out loud because he does it all without my asking. He even drives mto work and picks me up because the employee lot is quite a distance from the door and heaven forbid I get cold or rained on while walking in. In the winter, when everyone freezes upon exiting the hospital, I don’t even have to wear a coat because John is there in front to pick me up, with the car nice and toasty. Seriously, I am that spoiled by him!

And most of all, he makes me laugh. He is nonstop comic relief from the shitstorm. Like the time I had a horrible day at work and he put on my pink Crocs and danced around the living room singing “I Feel Pretty”, even though he didn’t know all of the words. Or the day I thew out his boxer briefs full of holes. e resurrected them from the trash and he ripped the seams all the way so they looked like a rough version of a bikinis and he puffed out his chest as he came into the room, wearing only them and shouting “This is SPARTAAAAAAA!” And taking a picture of him? Seriously impossible without cracking up. Seriously. So now I am going to close this with some examples.


2 thoughts on “>Laughter and More

  1. >ya know, i've never understood the double standards society continues to perpetrate. your husband sounds like he has a few qualities EVERY husband should aspire to. oh, and love the pictures! LOL

  2. >I agree with carmar, although we have friends who are in the same position as you. I don't know how people here react to their situation. I thought it was cool. BUt that's just me.I think our husbands have a lot in common as well, although my husband is the one with the standards on neatness. He's very OCD and I am all – whatever, who cares if there are clothes in the laundry basket? I'll do it tomorrow! You've seen pictures of my dresser so you know this. Keith cooks dinner, cleans up after me and works the full-time job, all while doing his best to make me laugh.

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