>He Strikes Again

>At least nothing in my home or near my children was ablaze this time.

Yeah, I’m talking about John. Again.

This time, it was with my money.

I could kill him. Really. (No, not really. Don’t call the police or anything.)

It all started with me being assigned to my 12 here at the ER. No cafeteria, no gift shop. Roughing it again. And I forgot. So I call John relatively early to let him know a few things: A. I’m starving and can feel my fat cells being eaten. B. I have no cash. C. Even if I did have cash, what would I do with it? So I tell my dearest all of this and he assures me he is on his way to bring me dinner and singles for the vending machine. Beautiful. Just what I wanted.

15 minutes later, the secretary transfers a call to me. It’s John. And it went like this:
John: “We have a problem.”
Me: “What problem???? Where are you?”
John: “I have no money.”
Me: “Well, I know that! Use the debit card. I left it in your wallet.”
John: “Ummmmmm. About that….”
Me: “What is wrong?!?”
John: “I tried, but….”
Me: “What do you mean, ‘you tried’?”
John: “Remember when they mailed you that new pin number?”
Me: “Yeah, it’s in the lockbox with all of the other banking stuff…”
John: “Well, I forgot where it was….”
Me: “Well, now you know. When will you be here? I’m starving!”
John: “Ummmm. I can’t. I went to get cash, but I entered the old pin too many times andtheATMkeptyourcard.” (This last bit gushed out as all one word because he knew I was going to kill him!)

Seriously. No money because we are products of techno advancement and just use our magic plastic for every-fricken-thing. I pretty much told him that he made the mess and he had to fix it. How? Well, I made him call friends until he found someone willing to loan us $20 until the morning when the bank opens and I can withdraw enough cash that we can survive for the 2 weeks it takes to get a new debit card. He wanted to know what to tell whichever friend he got ahold of. And I told him to put on his Big Boy Britches and tell them what he did. 20 minutes later, he was here with food, a sheepish grin, and a very red face. But I ate. And Ev now has lunch money for the morning.

Only John.


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