>Call Him Carlos

>So thanks to B, I have been wanting a new carrier aside from the Moby because the grown-up man in my life refuses to use the Moby wrap. Actually, he’s scared sh*tless of the thing. I remember when I took it out of its box and unravelled it, and he looked at me and thought that I got a defective one. I mean, where are the buckles and straps and such??? And I was sort of scared at first, too. But I got used to it. He refuses to try. And he is the one home with Zachy-Poo while I’m off being Working Mother for 12 hours at a time. So I want to try a bEco, but they are sort of pricey. I wanted some sort of trial run first.

So I find an el cheapo soft-structured carrier that was given to me by a coworker when it was discovered that Zach was to be Zach and not Amelia (that was to be our girl name). And I was fooling with it,figuring out what strap goes where before I strap my child into it, when John ripped it out of my hands and donned it himself. And we put Zach in together. And Zach loved it just as much as the Moby. So much, in fact, that he fell asleep. So John had no choice but to keep him there. I mean, who wakes a sleeping baby???? So we go outside to watch Ev play, and there stands my husband, baby strapped to his front. And I thought immediately of this:

Ha! hahahaha. Because my husband is kind of chubby. And because we have watched this movie so many damned times and I laugh until it hurts each and every time. (Really not so funny when I was pregnant and contracting and had to pee all of the time!) And because I started picturing Zach’s chubby little face in a pair of BluBlockers. And I thought of little Carlos.
So now I have to buy the bEco, I think.

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