>Bottle-Feeding in Public

>Several factors contributed to my low-supply. When I tried to get Zach off of formula supplements, I really needed to nurse more. But I was so busy and too self-conscious to nurse in public, regardless of how discreet I could be. Bottle feeding was always more acceptable socially. Fine. So be it. So I was amazed at what happened today. Oh, the irony!

We were at the mall. I had been in a hurry to leave the house and get there before they closed, so instead of making a bottle like I would normally do, I just grabbed a clean bottle and a bag of breastmilk from the fridge and off we went. Well we all got hungry, including Zach, so we sat at a table in the food court. John went to Sbarro to order for us and I stayed behind with the kiddos and poured the breastmilk into the bottle in order to feed Zach. Of course it was obvious that it was my milk. And some people were looking. But some lady 2 tables over kept clucking her tongue and making disgusted looks at us, and even was heard remarking to her husband on how gross it was. Seriously. I guess I just can’t win.


2 thoughts on “>Bottle-Feeding in Public

  1. >*shocky face* I would've looked at that lady & said, "Would you rather I whip out a boob? Cuz I can do that, too. I am feeding MY CHILD. It is not gross." And then I would have childishly stuck my tongue out at her. But hey, I'm in a little spit-firey mood this morning. ; )

  2. >Haha! This is pretty much the reaction of everyone. I kept quiet, and didn't even tell John until we ere saely out of the mall and away from them. He would've whipped my boob out FOR me! I cannot believe I had that much self-restraint.

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