>Breaking My Pledge

>The girls at work have been teasing me lately because I have an addiction: baby clothes. I realized I may have a problem on my last trip to Babies’ R’Us. I went in the monster store for pacifiers, not only because they seem to be as disposable in this house as the Pampers we wrap Zach’s little butt in, but also because we need the next size up since Zach is growing. I did well at first, making a beeline to the appropriate section of the store and avoiding the pitfall that is the middle section, full of racks of sweet baby togs. And bonus for me when the brand I buy was BOGO! But then I made the mistake of straying once they were in the cart. The “Let’s Just Look Around” mistake.

Oh Look! Carter’s stuff is almost half off! And the BRU brand is BOGO! And before I knew what was happening, I had 10 new outfits for Zach in the cart and was rounding the corner to the shoes.
Of course this seems harmless to the layperson. The kid needs clothes, right? And after all, it is getting cold out, so there is a whole new season for which to shop! But the problem is that my coworkers were awesome to me once my baby emerged from me with a penis. Nobody else was having boys, and so the two who have had boys in the past year hooked me up! Bins upon bins of like-new baby boy clothes of appropriate sizes for the seasons. And one of them has a wife who managed a Gymboree and so there were scads of Gymboree clothes with the tags still on them. So I seperated them by size/ season, and had them stored and waiting for Zach to grow into them. I wouldn’t need more baby clothes for Zach’s first year of life!

So here we are again, with my newly-discovered problem. The first 3 months of Zach’s life left me changing his clothes 3 and 4 times a day just so he could have an opportunity to wear the tiny outfits at least once before they were packed away as outgrown or passed on to someone else. And I vowed to myself and to my coworkers that I would refrain and use some serious self-restraint in the future. And I was being good. For a few weeks.

But then….
It got cold. Really cold and really suddenly. And I had to dig through the bins and cut the tags off of the clothes I have purchaed for fall. And I realized something: Zach can wear most all of them now! Of course the pants are a little long and some of the sleeves need to be rolled up because my baby has short arms and legs. But they fit, and I have gone through all of the bins. There is still a litle more, but not much at all. And it dawned on me what it is that this means:
I need to buy more baby clothes!!! I get to buy more baby clothes without feeling guilty about it! I have an excuse to break my pledge. Thank you, Zach, for being so pudgy and giving Mommy an excuse to shop! Woo Hoooooo!


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