>Distant Memories


I found these pics while clearing my computer of old unwanted files. I took them with Zach’s baby book in mind, then forgot they even existed until now. The first is my left thigh complete with the catheter that infused Brethine into me in an effort to keep the contractions at bay. I had to change the infusion site every 48 hours. The absence of other scars on my thigh tells me that this was one of the first days I had it. Now, after months of that, my legs are covered with scars.
The second was taken from my perspective on bedrest and on my home uterine monitor at around 26 weeks of pregnancy, when the contractions were starting to come at break-neck speed, every 2 minutes or so, around the clock, and I pretty much lived all of my days with that thing on my belly. Zach hated it and would kick at it every time. Now, looking at these, I can recall the first day I had neither. It felt so strange, and I kept reaching for it. It was also the first day I was no longer pregnant and Zach’s first day of his life. 4 months ago today, to be exact.
I still am in awe that we survived all of it. But we did.

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