>In Pictures

>So yesterday, Zach had his first photo shoot to capture him at the ripe ol’ age of 3 months. Of course, I am his mom, so it could not have possibly been organized. Actually, I completely forgot to call and make the appointment. So when I called to see if there were any openings, and they asked if I could be there by noon, my reply was “SUREEEEEEEE! No prob!”

Of course this was before I looked at a clock and saw it was 10:59. And so the scramble started. Clothes and shoes and belts and socks were tossed with abandon. Boys were hastily scrubbed clean. And yes, some obscenities were muttered through clenched teeth. How we actually made it to the studio way too early is beyond me at this point.

Of course the shots in the first outfit for each boy went amazingly well. Zach was content and happy, and gave us some great laughs thanks to the photog who was channeling Chewbacca. But after I changed his clothes for the first time in the session, he decided he had had enough. Armed with no tricks other than a bottle of breastmilk, we were out of options as he screamed and wailed. Until I got the bright idea of letting him drink from the bottle in between shots. So it went suck-suck-suck, yank it away, and flash, then repeat. So some of the shots reveal our trick as his mouth is still in bottle formation
Regardless, we did manage to get some great shots to freeze both boys in time for me. The star of the day, of course, was Evan. That kid is so photogenic that it makes me borderline-sick.
Then came the part I hate. Choosing. They take all of these adorable shots of your babies, and unless money is no object, you have to pick. Gah! And I always end up spending way more than planned because I can’t narrow it down. So yesterday, I ended up leaving with 5 huge wall prints, 8 8×10’s, more 5×7’s than I know what to do with, and literally hundreds of wallets all in about 8 different poses. Of course to order less must mean I don’t really love my kids, right? Ha!

So here they are. Pictures of Zach so sweet that we personally cannot look at them without smiling. And pictures of Evan that show how much he has grown in a way that breaks my heart. Saved in that moment, just as they are. In case I blinked.


2 thoughts on “>In Pictures

  1. >Oh my GOODNESS! Your boys are sooo adorable! I am glad it all worked out for you–these are some of the cutest pictures I have ever seen.

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