> I don’t know why, but John refuses to use the Moby Wrap with Zach. He calls it our papoose, and laughs everytime I use it. This is strange to me. Zach and I both love it. We get to be close and snuggly while I have hands available for other tasks. And Zach gets the warm fuzzies he needs. It’s hard to believe my baby boy is almost 2 months old. He still acts very much the newborn, and it’s no wonder why. His true adjusted age is just a little past 3 weeks. So really, he still needs this. I originally bought the wrap, well, because it was cheap. I wanted a baby carrier that will be flexible as he grows, but didn’t want to spend huge amounts of money until I knew for a fact that Zach would like it. The $45 for the Moby was just right. Wow! I’m so glad I picked it. Yesterday, he was having a fussy spell and nothing would fix it. After nursing him (well, really just a quick snack for him, as he fell asleep in my arms), he curled up in a ball in the wrap and drifted off to sleep, as seen above. Fussiness cured.


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