>Where Cameras Come To Die

>I was late to join the digital camera revolution. But it all started with a Samsung camera. It took standard AA batteries that would die after about 30 minutes of use. Well, one day I was taking pictures and they died. I was trying to juggle my purse, some bags, and more while changing the batteries and dropped it on concrete.
I replaced it with a Sony Cybershot. I had that one about 2 weeks when I dropped it in the toilet in the ladies’ room at the Cincinnati Zoo.
I decided after that to splurge and get my Nikon I wanted. What was I thinking? While the Nikon was far from professional grade, it was one of the more expensive point-and-shoot cameras. It took awesome, crystal-clear photos, and was so easy to use that even I could work it. But then Evan dropped it. Ha! With my track record, I had purchased the protection plan! I was safe, right? Ummmm, no! Because the protection plan didn’t cover the touch screen, and that is what broke. I was so mad! I went quite some time before buying another camera.
The week before Zach was born, I realized we would want one. I was still operating on a drastically-reduced budget, so my choices were limited. I ended up buying a Kodak EasyShare. I liked some of its features and it was on sale. It was easy to use and took okay pictures. But then, before we even left the hospital, it started acting funny. Its little light would flash when it was plugged in to charge, but as soon as you would try to turn it on, it would shut itself off like the battery was dead. We tried to troubleshoot, but couldn’t get it to work. So I returned it. I didn’t want to buy the same one again for fear of another problem.
So…I bought another one. Can’t even remember the brand. But it took the worst pictures imaginable, no matter what settings I used. I didn’t even want to take pictures with it. So John returned it, too.
So now I need a new camera once again. And I am sad. Sad because I can already see changes in Zach and I am missing them. But after all of this, I am waiting. I am going back to work and will buy my Nikon again. But this time, it will be tethered to my body. Or maybe, with my record, I should stick to the disposable kind.


4 thoughts on “>Where Cameras Come To Die

  1. >get the Canon Powershot Digital Elphit takes amazing pics. its pricey but canon makes good cameras. just ask my husband. i have the older one. i'll find out how old but it was a hand me down from keith and it still works no problem. also has a rechargeable battery

  2. >Really? Thanks for the tip. I am HORRIBLE at figuring them out, so if it user-friendly and takes good pics, I'm on it. Just have to remember to keep it wrapped in bubble wrap in this house!

  3. >OK. So he says my camera is "pretty old" (only 4 megapixels but still a good camera) but any version of the Canon Digital Elph is a good camera.We have the Canon Powershot SD300 Digital Elph.

  4. >Really? Cool, because I looked at the Cannon website and they have one that is $179, which is cheaper than my Nikon I was going to replace! I compared it to the more expensive versions an it is only lacking a few features that I wouldn't know how to use anyway!

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