>Hiding Out

>I was going to blog about how I am being selfish today. I insisted on getting my shower, and escaped to my room, to the computer , with my Lean Pocket and a bottle of water. Selfish Mommy. But then Zach started to fuss, and I ended up nursing him with a towel still wrapped around my head. Then I realized that it is really hot outside, where Evan is playing, and so I insisted on him coming inside to get some water. But in that process, I realized how trashed his room is, and so the battle ensued. Then Zach started to fuss again.

Now? The Lean Pocket is cold, the bottle of water is warm, I am wearing Zach in our Moby Wrap, and fighting with Evan that microwave popcorn is not a proper lunch. My original intent was to hide out here, ignoring the vast array of household chores I could be doing. I think I just needed a mental health break. What I am getting is something in between the break I wanted and sheer chaos that could have been. Zach is drifting off to sleep in the Moby, his small baby-lotion-scented head tucked warmly under my chin. Evan is doing whatever it is that Evan, well, does. I am left wondering if I should surrender the fantasy and just wash the damned dishes or vacuum or something.

Such is life.


2 thoughts on “>Hiding Out

  1. >I'm glad to hear Zach likes the Moby Wrap. The sleepy wrap is very similar to the Moby Wrap. Cole is not crazy about either wrap we have, which sucks because we're taking him to a wedding Saturday and I was hoping to wear him. It seems like he only likes it when Keith wears him. But I guess that could be good because maybe I'll get to dance a little at the wedding!

  2. >Zach LOVES it! John makes fun of it, and refuses to wear it. And if Cole is like Zach at all, I think they learn early to equate certain things with other parents. Zach won't let me hold him facing out, but prefers to be snuggled with his belly against my chest. But if John did that? He would wail constantly! I think it's a breastfeeding thing. Maybe that is why Cole only allows the wrap with Keith.PS-Hope you get some good dancing time in! I'm sure your dancing shoes have quite the layer of dust after the past few months!

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