>The Ties That Bind

>Two days ago, Zach’s umbilical cord fell off. John was changing his diaper and found it in there. He couldn’t understand why I was so sad.

Long after the symbolism of the father cutting the cord at birth, we don’t hear much else about it. I see it as something different altogether. That was the last tie my precious baby had to me. It’s now gone, freeing him to grow and learn and develop into his own person, completely separate from me. And that breaks my heart completely. It seems like every step from here on out takes us closer to the day when he is grown, which is a sad concept when you consider he isn’t even two weeks old yet.


2 thoughts on “>The Ties That Bind

  1. >My son is not even born yet and I can relate. Sometimes when I envision him, I play his whole life out in my head and then I get sad because I know it will all happen so fast. I can remember being 7 years old and skipping along the sidewalk with my father like it was yesterday. Time flies. We just have to relish in the time we have now.

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