>The Birth of a Blog

>I started keeping a blog when I was placed on bedrest for a complicated pregnancy. I discovered that I liked it, and wanted to continue, but it didn’t seem appropriate to continue that one, since it’s entire theme was struggling with a pregnancy. So here we are.

I’m still on bedrest, and will be delivering my second boncing baby boy in about two weeks. You may wonder what the hell is up with the name of this blog. My name is Andrea. Andi to anyone who know me in an informal setting. In fact, the only person who insists on calling me Andrea is my husband, because I think he has some homophobic notion that he would be referring to his wife by a man’s name if he didn’t. So where did I get Veruca???? Well, that is explained here.

This blog is pretty much only for my leisure. I wouldn’t mind one bit if I became one of those well-known bloggers, but I don’t see that happening. Instead, this is a place for me to just put into typeface what it is that I am thinking. I can’t always do this in my day-to-day life. My thoughts can range from really complex to glaringly simple. And sometimes there is just no outlet for them in real life. For example, I just finished a great book that really made me think abou some important issues, but I have never seen my husband, in 10 years togeher, pick up a book. Can’t talk to him about it, so I need another outlet.

Or say I return from a horrendous shift at work, where something really profound has happened. I can’t exactly explain to my young sons that Mommy just spent 2 hours resuscitating a tiny child, and it broke her heart because all she could see the entire time was their faces. And I cannot interalize it, either, or I would eventually break down. So yet again, I need an outlet.

So this is to be my little journal. my thoughts, feelings, emotions. In a nutshell, me.